Frequently Asked Questions about the acquisition of Prelude by Calendly

What’s being announced? 

Calendly has acquired Prelude, a recruiting operations platform designed to build a better hiring process. With this acquisition, recruiting teams and hiring leaders will be able to optimize scheduling for interviewers and candidates, ultimately allowing organizations of all sizes to enterprises to achieve their talent acquisition goals.

Who is Calendly?

Calendly helps individuals, teams, and organizations remove the back and forth with external scheduling. Calendly's scheduling automation platform offers a new layer of the modern digital technology stack by connecting with critical tools to automate scheduling workflows, creating a more delightful customer experience, and providing insightful, measurable data to drive better business outcomes. Today, over 20 million users across 230+ countries use Calendly to simplify meetings, collaborate more effectively and efficiently, and drive business forward.  

Why is Calendly acquiring Prelude?

The acquisition of Prelude will help us meet the growing demand of our customers to deliver increased revenue, improve customer retention, and land more candidates. Joining forces with Prelude will allow Calendly to accelerate its ambition to deliver deeper solutions for teams and organizations, serving as the one-stop shop for external scheduling.

Who is Prelude?

Prelude is the fast-growing recruiting operations platform that is laser-focused on improving the recruiting process to allow a delightful candidate experience. Prelude has transformed how companies approach the hiring strategy by modernizing every candidate touchpoint, from communications and prep, to scheduling and logistics, to interviewing. By removing friction and increasing transparency, Prelude’s enterprise customers enjoy a better hiring process.

Is Calendly disclosing the deal amount?


Where does Prelude fit in Calendly’s product portfolio?

Since recruiting teams are already a sizable and loyal division of Calendly's customer base, we will continue to provide customers with more features designed for hiring teams, such as:

  • Helping companies schedule interviews across the recruiting lifecycle, from phone screens and hiring manager interviews to panel interviews and securing candidates.

  • Managing interviewers’ competencies, load balancing, and interviewer training plans.

  • Integrating with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for more detailed reporting to track usage, interviewer load, declines, and more.

Who are Prelude’s target customers?

Prelude targets recruiting teams and hiring managers in SMBs to enterprises who are focused on building a better hiring process and improving the overall candidate experience. The company has more than 100 corporate customers such as Cloudflare, Glassdoor, and Duolingo. 

What does it mean for customers of both companies?

Calendly and Prelude will together offer a one-stop scheduling automation platform for all segments of the recruitment industry, from SMBs to enterprise. The acquisition of Prelude is another step in partnering with our customers to address their unique and more advanced need to cater to the broader candidate experience. Customers will also benefit from a single scheduling platform for multiple departments, including sales, customer success, marketing, and recruiting. 

What is Calendly’s market opportunity as a part of this acquisition?

The recruitment industry presents a tremendous market opportunity with the amount of interactions and experiences modern companies have with their potential hires. Calendly has seen great traction in improving this process already, driving millions of recruiting-related meetings each month. This acquisition simplifies the process of scheduling candidates with different people throughout the organization. In an ever-evolving labor market that presents new challenges at every turn, recruiting teams require versatile and comprehensive solutions to move quickly with top talent.

Are there any changes to Prelude’s executive management?

All executives will become part of the Calendly team and remain as Prelude leaders.

Will all Prelude employees join Calendly?

All Prelude employees have been offered positions at Calendly as of the deal closing.

What is the vision for Prelude?

Our shared vision is to provide a comprehensive solution to recruiting teams with one integrated platform. Calendly plans to merge Prelude's product onto one platform to provide a unified experience for all Calendly customers. For now, Prelude will continue to serve its existing and new customers.  

How will Prelude customers be supported going forward?

There will be no change to current agreements or service teams for Prelude customers. Calendly will notify and engage with Prelude customers if any changes are envisioned.

Will the Prelude name and products continue to be used?

Yes, the Prelude name will continue to be used for now.  We’ll continue to invest in the Prelude product and plan to eventually unify Prelude and Calendly to bring the value-adding capabilities together into one platform. Our aim is to make sure the customer experience is not impacted or disrupted with this acquisition. Any future changes will be communicated in advance.

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